Cackellac 1312 Chicken Tractor

  • Cackellac 1312 with  flock of meat birds
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The 1312 Cackellac is the farm sized shelter. With the capacity of 100 birds, it is the ideal chicken tractor designed to make pastured poultry efficient and enjoyable. The Cackellacs are multiple use – the can be used for broilers, laying hens, ducks, geese and more.

1312Moving the 1312 is easy and simple. First the wind anchors are pulled out of the ground. Then the whole Cackellac is lifted a couple of inches up via each wheels jack mechanism and are automatically locked in at the desired height. You simply then push the cackellac ahead a shelter length (Around 16 feet) and let the Cackellac down. After a few moves the chickens will have learned move right along with the Cackellac to the fresh grass. The shealter rolls along the ground easily on its flat free tires.

In the winter months, when the Cackellac are not used for poultry, they can be used for storage, or as a greenhouse—you can park it exactly where you want it!

The end and wall panels of the 1312 are shipped completely built , ready to be assembled. Assembly instructions and the simple design makes it easy for a handy person to do it in an afternoon. Weighs 500 lbs!

Made in Ontario, Canada!

Cackellac 1312 measures 13’x16’, which is enough space for up to 100 meat chickens, or approximately 60-80 laying hens.

-Height at the centre is 6 1/2 feet, making it easy for you to get around inside.

-Translucent multi-wall poly-carbonate panels in the ends to make it more comfortable in cool, wet weather.

-Four flat-free wheels lift the pen in seconds, making it remarkably easy to move for a pen this size.

-Sides open easily for warm weather.

-Fast anchoring system to prevent possible shifting on very windy days..

-1×1 inch 14 gauge welded wire mesh.

-11 mil woven white poly cover

-New strap fastening system for cover

-All hot dip galvanized frame for many years of service.

Available configurations:

1312 Layer Kit


Our 1312 Layer Kit has everything you need to get going with your own laying chickens. The kit includes one (1) 1312 Cackellac, roost support and 4 roost bars, two (2) feeder, two (2) nesting boxes, one (1) plasson waterer, and one (1) reservoir.

1312 Broiler Kit


Our 1312 Broiler Kit has everything you need to get going with your own backyard meat chickens. The kit includes one (1) 1312 Cackellac, two (2) feeders, 1 plasson waterer, 1 reservoir and has the option of adding a roost support and 4 bars ($188.00 extra)

Cackellac 1312


Cackellac only, no accessories.

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