812 Cackellac

812 Cackellac

Light-weight | Completely Portable | Multi-Purpose | Durable | Food Security

Tired of hauling heavy, wood & steel shelters across your land? Or…simply don’t even want to start down that path? (yeah, us neither! Been there, done that.)

Moving a shelter with a sheet metal roof is hard work. And kids can’t always help with that. It almost makes you dread chore time. Which is bad, because you know fresh pasture is vital for your birds. How else do you get healthy meat and eggs?

Something lighter and more portable would make your life so much easier. Never mind the fact your back will thank you!

Perfect for:

  • small farms
  • homestead flocks
  • breeding programs
  • lambs & goat kids
  • small acreage

Meet the 812 Cackellac

It solves the issues of heavy, bulky shelters. Of sore backs and kids not being able to help. Of moving all feeders and waterers in addition to the shelter. Of dreading chores.

Instead, it’s lightweight. Completely portable – everything is hanging inside. Kids can move it. Plus, the 812 is fun to move – because it’s easy!

cackellac 812

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  • Frame is 1×1″, 14 gauge welded wire mesh. Front, back, and halfway up the sides.
  • Frame is hot dipped galvanized. Durable & long lasting.
  • Tarp is 11mil, woven poly. It’s thick, heavy duty and provides light shade all day.
  • Slick strap fastening system to keep the tarp cover in place.
  • Durable hooks for hanging waterers, feeders, and nesting box. Nothing sits on the ground!
  • Step-in wind anchors at all 4 corners keep the 812 securely against the ground, and prevents it from blowing away in windy areas.
  • Flat free, lifting wheels on the back, plus a handle on the front, for easy moving. Only 1 person needed!
  • The 812 is a lightweight beauty weighing only 150lbs. 8 yr olds can move it, it’s that easy.

Poultry enjoy the airy, light shade of the 812 cackellac, especially on hot summer days. The cackellac’s strong mesh side design allows for maximum airflow. Polycarbonate panels for the sides are available to add extra protection if needed. (think baby chicks and summer storms)

  • 8′ wide, 10′ long, 4′ high at center
  • Weighs just 150lbs
  • Houses up to 40 birds
  • Made in Ontario, Canada
Cackellac chicken tractor 812

Not sure exactly what you need to get started?

Take a look at the available kits or scroll down to check out all available accessories.

(or, if you’re not sure which cackellac is best for you, check out this blog post on how to pick the right cackellac)

812 Layer Kit


Our 812 Layer Kit has everything you need to get going with your own backyard layers.

  • The kit includes:
  • one (1) 812 Cackellac
  • roost support and 2 roost bars
  • one (1) feeder
  • one (1) nesting box
  • one (1) plasson waterer
  • one (1) side enclosure kit
  • one (1) reservoir

812 Broiler Kit


Our 812 Broiler Kit has everything you need to get going with your own backyard meat chickens!

  • The kit includes:
  • one (1) 812 Cackellac
  • one (1) feeder
  • one (1) plasson waterer
  • one (1) side enclosure kit
  • one (1) reservoir

812 Cackellac


Cackellac only, no accessories.

U.S. Customers: contact for pricing.


chicken feeder

Hanging Feeder

  • Easy to clean, aluminum feeder
  • Large with a center spinner to keep hens from roosting
  • Measures 8″ by 48″ by 3 ΒΌ” deep.
  • Feeder w/ hanging kit: $94.96
cackellac 812

Extra Covers – Tarps

  • Available in white or clear
  • Made out of 11 ml woven poly these are durable; lasting for years depending on usage.
  • Use the clear cover to extend the use of your Cackellac; use for overwintering birds, greenhouse, rabbits and more!
  • Solid white cover – pictured: $228.00
  • Clear Cover: $244.00

Cackellac chicken tractor 812

812 Side Panels

  • Polycarbonate panels with a gasket around the perimeter
  • Panels are easy to remove for ventilation
  • Side Closure Kit: $276.00

812 Roost Bars

  • Complete Roost Kit for 812: $108.00
  • Extra Roost Bars, each: $18.00

(picture coming)

812 cackellac

Watering System

  • Plasson Waterer Assembly: $144.00
  • Reservoir Kit: $52.00
rollout nest box
single layer roll away nest box

Nesting Boxes: Aluminum Roll-Out Nest, 48″

  • Built without dividers – a style proved to accommodate more hens
  • 4′ nest box serves up to 45 hens
  • 1 required for the 812
  • The rollaway style prevents hens from pecking, eating, and dirtying eggs
  • The nesting boxes are lined with a plastic nesting pad that is easily removed and washed
  • The perch bar pivots up and locks in place for the night
  • The aluminum frame also helps reduce the weight of the entire shelter for easy moving!
  • Price: $360.00

How to Order

Have questions about the 812 or interested in ordering one? Get in touch by giving us a call at 519-794-0142 or sending an email here.

Because if anyone can grow chicken, it’s you! And now is the perfect time to do so. (plus, it’s never been more important to have food security…but that’s a whole ‘nother topic πŸ˜‰ ) Looking forward to helping you achieve your homestead dreams!

We do not offer discounts on purchases under 10 units. All prices are subject to change without notice.

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