Cackellac 812 Chicken Tractor

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    Cackellac 812

Cackellacs are being used for meat chickens, turkeys, laying hens, ducks and geese. Moveable shelters are the preferred method of providing poultry with truly fresh pastured every day, while containing them effectively.

The 812 Cackellac is designed to make moving your small flock easy and enjoyable with enough room for up to 40 laying hens or meat birds. The 812 is very light weight, making it a pleasure to move. The chickens are left in the 812 for moving. The 812 lifts off the ground a few inches by the two flat proof wheels at the front corners, each wheel has it’s own jack mechanism and will lock in the up position, the shelter is then lifted slightly from the back and slowly moved as the chickens walk along inside on the ground, the shelter is set down to the ground by releasing the jacks at the front corners. After a few moves the chickens will have learned move right along with the Cackellac to the fresh grass.

In the winter months, when the Cackellacs are not used for poultry, they can be used for storage, or as a greenhouse—you can park it exactly where you want it!  Assembly instructions and the simple design makes it easy for a handy person to do it in an afternoon. Weighs only 150lbs!

Made in Ontario, Canada!

Model 812 measures 8 ft. x 10 ft. x 4 ft. high and weighs 150lbs.

-Houses up to 40 chickens, depending on their size.

-It has two lifting wheels to make it easy for one person to move.

-11 mil woven white poly cover -Strap fastening system for cover.

-All hot dip galvanized frame for many years of service.

-1″x1″ inch 14 gauge welded wire mesh on the ends and sides.

-Hooks for hanging feeders and waterers.

-Step-in anchors for wind.

812 Layer Kit


Our 812 Layer Kit has everything you need to get going with your own backyard laying chickens! The kit includes one (1) 812 Cackellac, roost support and 2 roost bars, one (1) feeder, one (1) nesting box, one (1) plasson waterer and one (1) reservoir.

812 Broiler Kit


Our 812 Broiler Kit has everything you need to get going with your own backyard meat chickens! The kit includes one (1) 812 Cackellac, one (1) feeder, one (1) plasson waterer, and one (1) reservoir.

Cackellac 812


Cackellac only, no accessories.

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