322 Cackellac

322 Cackellac

Super Lite | Completely Portable | Backyard Version | Beginner Safe

Just getting into chickens and want a light, portable coop you can use in your backyard? Something that isn’t all wood & steel, doesn’t need two people to move and is easy to clean. While those cute, red-painted wood coops are cute, they aren’t always easy to clean or portable.

And trying to scrape baked manure out of coops quickly takes the fun out of having chickens. Especially if you’re trying to get an un-enthusiastic partner or kids involved.

Your coop needs to be light, easy to move, and easy to clean. And still nice to look at.

Perfect for:

  • Beginners
  • Backyards
  • Town lots which allow chickens
  • Outdoor brooders
  • Hens & chicks
  • Small flocks

Meet the 322

The perfect coop for small backyards and beginners who are just starting out. This super-lite version fits in almost any backyard, providing you with fresh eggs daily.

Have a kid interested in chickens? (but don’t want to invest too much 😉 ) Looking into getting your very first chickens or just want a few eggs for yourself? The 322 fits the bill! It’s completely portable, beginner safe, light weight yet has wind anchors to keep it on the ground.

322 cackellac

322 cackellac
small chicken coop
332 with chicken

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The baby of the cackellac family, super-light, easy to move, and doesn’t require constant cleaning

We’re talking about a nifty little coop:

  • Handles on each end mean 1 person can lift and move it.
  • Its small size means it can fit in most backyards.
  • Provide your hens with fresh grass every day, it’s not hard to move!
  • No solid floor = no need to clean it out as long as you move it every day.
  • A nest box, feeder, and waterer all hang inside.
  • Half the roof slides back, providing easy access to your birds.
  • Lid/roof latches for easy entry and security.
  • Body is made of 3/4″ aluminum tubing…it’s light!
  • PVC coated mesh.
  • clear ply carbonate sides.
  • Polycarbonate top allows light in.
  • There are push-in wind anchors at all 4 corners for during those summer storms!


  • 42″ wide, 60″ long, 27″ high
  • Mesh is 3/4in
  • Weights just 45lbs
  • Holds up to 6 birds
  • Made in Ontario, Canada

wind anchor
wind anchors

lifting the 322
322 and roof

The 322’s roof locks in, so you don’t have to worry about it blowing off.

top lock in
roof can't fly off
322 roof

322 Coldframe Kit

Save your veggies from early freezes with this 322 Coldframe Kit! Plus, who doesn’t like having multiple uses for something?


11lb Feeder: $22.95

Pair with the feeder stand to keep your chicken feed clean.

Keep your feed clean. Works with any on-ground, round feeder style. Especially helpful with chicks.

Feeder Stand: $38.75

3lb Hanging Feeder: $22.92

1 Gal Gravity Fed Bucket Waterer: $25.75

Cackellac 322


322 cackellac only, no accessories.

U.S. Customers: contact for pricing.

Layer Kit:


Includes: one 322 cackellac, one nest box, one 3lb feeder, one-gallon waterer


  • Nesting Box: $82.00
  • 3lb Feeder: $22.92
  • 11 lb Feeder: $22.95
  • Feeder Stand: $38.75
  • 1 Gal Gravity Fed Bucket Waterer: $25.96
  • Clear Roof Panels: $156.00
  • End Closure Panels: $68.00
  • 322 Coldframe Kit: $216.00

How to Order

Interested in a 322 cackellac? Have a few questions about it? We’d love to hear from you!

Phone: (519) -794-0142. Email: contact@canadianhomesteadsupply.com

Looking forward to helping you achieve your backyard food dreams – because food freedom is important. And you can raise chickens too!

We do not offer discounts on purchases under 10 units. All prices are subject to change without notice.

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