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Whether you’re looking to streamline your farm’s poultry operation, or just starting out with chickens – we have a cackellac that’ll fit your needs. (Plus…we’re so excited you’re here. Welcome to the pastured chicken club!)

Get rid of those clunky, awkward shelters and bring in the best modern chicken shelters has to offer. Take the stress out of trying to find the right shelter for your chickens – because all your questions are answered here.

Meet the Cackellacs

The solution to heavy coops, aching backs, and hours of shelter research. Completely portable, lightweight yet durable, and so functional. (also – 100% Canadian Built. Add in THAT coolness factor.)

These are not your standard TSC coop, y’all. Cackellacs are the Cadillac of Chicken Tractors.

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Whether you are brand-new to chickens, or a seasoned farmer looking to upgrade your shelters, there is a cackellac for you!

Cackellacs will change how you raise poultry

  • quit wasting time hauling feeders & waterers around
  • stop hurting yourself yarding on heavy coops
  • stop cleaning stationary chicken pens
  • improve your farm’s efficiency
  • reduce wear & tear on you
  • actually enjoy your chores
  • beginner-friendly way to get into pastured poultry
  • easily move chickens twice a day
  • get your kids involved
  • easy to move
  • lightweight
  • completely portable
  • ranging in size from a small chicken tractor to extra large
  • designed and built in Canada
  • better than chicken coops – fresh pasture daily = healthier birds
  • are wheeled chicken tractors with flat-free wheels
  • durable, long-lasting, well constructed
  • use only the best, high-quality materials
  • last for years

“Because predators are opportunists with a short attention span, they generally don’t spend a lot of time in one spot… This is why mobile shelters deter more than most people realize; each day the predator has to start over. But a stationary shelter offers ongoing opportunities for these bursts of interest.”

– Joel Salatin, Polyface Micro
portable chicken shelters


Tired of wasting time when moving your chickens? (and tired of being sore after doing so?)
These portable chicken tractors make the most out of your time – improving efficiency (always a good thing!) and reducing wear and tear on you
(also a great thing).

And you’re not compromising on the quality in the least. Your chickens now live in the Cadillac of chicken tractors!

Check out the following cackellac for your farm:


Looking to raise your own meat, eggs and chicks? Cackellacs make it simple to do all that on pasture.

Cackellacs are so easy to move, that your kids can do the chores. They’re light, accessible, and simple to maneuver.

Grow 100% of your own meat chickens with these portable chicken shelters (we did!) Use them for developing breeding groups and housing your layer flock.

Check out the following cackellac for your homestead:


A little intimidated by alllll the coops and shelters out there? What’s the best one for your chickens?

Cackellacs offer an easy, stress-free way to get into chickens. They are durable, light, easy to move, and above all, simple.

Whether you have a tiny backyard and want just a few hens, or have an acre of land and are looking to have a lovely flock, there is a cackellac to fit your needs.

Check out the cackellac for your chickens:

Canadian-built, portable shelters are the best way to move your pastured chickens onto fresh grass every day. You can actually take a minute to simply enjoy happy birds on fresh pasture with cackellacs.

You love your job, and here at Canadian Homestead Supply, we want to make it easier for you to provide your family and customers with high-quality food.

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