1312 Cackellac

1312 Cackellac

CSA, Farm Store & Market Level | Pastured Poultry Production
Multi-Purpose | Easy-To-Move | Durable

Searching for a chicken tractor that can be used in a farm business – but is still efficient, easy to move, and durable? Something that will last a long time (gotta be worth it for the business to invest in it!), can hold a profitable number of birds and doesn’t need a tractor to move it. Because that kicks efficiency and economy right out the door.

You need a shelter that checks all the boxes. Including being structurally sound, is not going to waste your time, is solid, is worth the investment…and it would be handy if teenagers could move it πŸ™‚ And nothing so awkward and heavy that it’ll put you out of commission – just because you tried to move your birds.

Our job is to make sure you can do yours; bringing wholesome, pastured meat and eggs to your customers.

Perfect for:

  • Farms with CSA’s, farm stores, and markets
  • Homesteads raising all their own chicken
  • Housing turkeys
  • Sheep and goats
  • Pasturing young pigs
  • An acre or more of land
  • Rotating behind cows

Meet the 1312 Cackellac

It checks ALL the boxes. It holds its own water reservoir. Carries the feeders, waterers, and nest boxes for you. Moving a 1312 doesn’t break your back – and yes, teenagers can easily move it.

The sound, well-built structure lasts a long time. Easy to move, 1 person can do it. No tractor needed! With a 1312, you can efficiently move 100 birds to fresh pastured in just a few minutes.

And on a profitable farm, efficiency – let’s not waste your valuable time! – is crucial. And so is providing your birds with the best of care. That’s all possible with a 1312.

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  • 208 sq ft footprint.
  • Houses up to 100 birds.
  • Measures 13′ wide, 16′ long, and 6 1/2′ at the center.
  • It houses up 100 birds at one time…and can pay for itself in 1 year*. Paid off investment? Yes, please! Imagine: instead of moving three 812 cackellacs or Salatin-style shelters, you can move one 1312 and still raise the same amount of chickens.
  • Not only have we successfully used it for poultry, but it’s also absolutely amazing for sheep and goats. Got wildies or rogues? Pop them in here. They can’t get out.
  • Frame is 1×1″, 14 gauge welded wire mesh. Front, back, and halfway up the sides.
  • Frame is hot dipped galvanized. Durable & long lasting.

  • Tarp is 11mil, woven poly. It’s thick, heavy duty and provides light shade all day.
  • Slick strap fastening system to keep the tarp cover in place.
  • Durable hooks for hanging waterers, feeders, and nesting box. Nothing sits on the ground!
  • Step-in wind anchors at all 4 corners keep the 1312 securely against the ground, and prevents it from blowing away in windy areas.
  • In a high wind area? Order in the heavy-duty, screw- in anchors to keep it put.
  • 4 flat free wheels easily lift the entire structure off the ground for easy moving. Need to keep small birds in? Raise it only an inch or two. Got to get it from one field to another? Raise it up to a foot off the ground.
  • Plus – those wheels make moving the 1312 a breeze.

(*run 3 batches of 100 birds each through it in 1 year. Location, marketing, and the weather must be taken into account. We are not responsible for outcomes)

Not sure what exactly you need to get started?

Take a look at the available kits or scroll down to check out all available accessories.

(or, if you’re not sure which cackellac is best for you, check out this blog post on how to pick the right cackellac)

1312 Layer Kit


Our 1312 Layer Kit has everything you need to get going with your own laying hens.

  • The kit includes:
  • one (1) 1312 Cackellac
  • roost support and 4 roost bars
  • two (2) feeders
  • two (2) nesting boxes
  • one (1) plasson waterer
  • one (1) reservoir

1312 Broiler Kit


Our 1312 Broiler Kit has everything you need to get going with your own backyard meat chickens.

The kit includes:

  • one (1) 1312 Cackellac,
  • two (2) feeders,
  • 1 plasson waterer,
  • 1 reservoir
  • and has the option of adding a roost support and 4 bars

Cackellac 1312


Cackellac only, no accessories. 

U.S. Customers: Contact for pricing.

To get your questions answered or to order, call us at 519-794-0142 or send an email here.


1312 divider
1312 cackellac divider

1312 Divider Panel

  • The new 1312 divider is a complete wall with a door and door panel.
  • Don’t want to mix breeding flocks?
  • Have young pullets and old layers?
  • Keep everyone separated and happy while getting the most out of your 1312 cackellac with this divider kit.
1312 divider panel
  • 1312 divider w/ door & door panel: $1,048.00

1312 End Closure Kit

The end closure kit is a slick, well-designed addition to the 1312. Sliding, clear panels protect your birds from harsh weather yet slide open for sunny days. These panels fit snugly yet slide easily. Want to get a few extra months of use at each end of summer? This is what you need to do it!

  • Features automatic vent for rear end of shelter.
  • Sliding poly-carbonate panes for door.
  • Helps to protect poultry from sudden temperature changes in cool seasons.
  • Works in conjunction with the Cackellac 1312’s upper polycarbonate panels.
  • End closure kit: $1,232.00
  • Installation: $128.00
  • Louvre vent insert upgrade: $416.00
roosts 1312

Roosts & Supports

  • Roosts are 14ft long, horizontal bars
  • Easily bolt on the side of the Cackellac model 1312
  • Provides a roost for layers or game birds
  • Install up to 4 bars per set of mounting brackets
  • Standard Roost Kit, 4 bars: $296.00
  • High Density (HD) roost supports & 3 bars: $320.00
  • Short Roost Kit for use w/ 1312 Cackellac Divider, 4 bars: $182.00
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Extra Covers

  • Extra cover (tarp) for the Cackellac model 1312 is available in white or clear.
  • Made out of 11 mil woven poly, these covers are very durable, lasting for years depending on usage.
  • The clear cover is for extending the use of your Cackellac; use for overwintering birds, rabbits, as a greenhouse, and more!
  • Solid white cover, pictured: $492.00
  • Clear cover: $512.00
turkey waterer
  • Turkey Waterer Assembly: $98.00
  • Plasson Waterer Assembly: $144.00
  • Bluebird Waterer Assembly: $62.50
  • Reservoir Kit: $52.00
  • Hangs in the 1312 and gravity feeds any waterer assembly.
chicken feeder


  • High quality shelters need high quality feeders!
  • These heavy gauge aluminum construction trough style feeders serve up to 40-50 birds at a time.
  • Measures 8 inches by 48 inches by 3 ΒΌ inch deep.
  • Feeder & Hanging Kit: $99.96

single layer roll away nest box
  • Reverse Nesting Box: (does not work with cackellacs – for barns or wood coops): $416.00
  • Extra mats: $40.00 ea
  • Roll out nest pad material: $344.00 per roll

Aluminum Roll-Out Nest, 48″

  • 48″ nest box serves up to 45 hens
  • 2 required for the 1312
  • The roll-away style prevents hens from pecking, eating, and making the eggs dirty.
  • The nesting boxes are lined with a plastic nesting pad that is easily removed and washed.
  • The perch bar pivots up and locks in place for the night.
  • Built of light-weight aluminum and collapse down for shipping.
  • The aluminum frame also helps reduce weight of the enter shelter for easy moving!
  • 48″ Nesting Box: $360.00
  • Double Layer 48″ Nesting Box: $472.00

wind anchors

Wind Anchor Kit

  • Earth Anchor Kit for high winds (17″ galvanized, set of 4): $98.00
  • Driver for cordless drill to drive in anchors: $12.96
  • Hand crank to drive in anchors: $36.00

Cackellight *NEW*

  • Battery powered light for remote coops with a timer, bulb not included: $168.00
  • 12-24 volt LED corn bulb, 10 watt: $34.00
  • 12-24 volt LED corn bulb, 20 watt: $58.00

How to Order

Have questions about the 1312 or interested in ordering?

Call us at 519-794-0142 or send an email here.

You’re doing a great job raising poultry! We’d love to help you succeed and at the same time, keep you loving what you’re doing πŸ™‚ And keep your wonderful customers happy. All at the same time. Here’s to a great chicken-raising year!

We do not offer discounts on purchases under 10 units. All prices are subject to change without notice.

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