Cackellac Chicken Tractor Reviews

Wondering if a cackellac is worth it? Take a look at these happy customers. Right up to protecting a farm’s Thanksgiving turkeys from a band of hungrey coyotes, these chicken tractors are proving their worth.

Cackellac chicken tractors are used nationwide to house, protect, and feed many thousands of poultry. And not just on farms – homesteads, backyards, and small lots. They’re incredibly versatile, housing sheep, poultry of many kinds, goats, and more.

Looking at rising egg prices and wondering about raising your own, fresh eggs? Check out the 812 or 322 to get started!

Are you a farm and looking to up your egg and meat production this year? Take a peek at the 812, 1312, or the 1822.

While there may be many options available when searching “chicken tractors for sale”, very few are going to stand up to the test of time like a cackellac. Plus, you won’t be wreaking your back trying to haul heavy, clunky shelters around. Canadian designed and built.

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Cackellac Chicken Tractor Reviews

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