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If you are searching for that perfect chicken tractor to up your poultry game, you are in the right place!

Introducing Cackellas: the cadillac of chicken tractors.

They are the BEST way to move your pastured chickens to fresh grass every day. The cackellacs’ slick design makes moving and caring for your birds as a breeze!

Hanging feeders, water dishes, and nesting boxes create a smooth, easy to move shelter…shortening chore time so you can actually take a moment to simply enjoy birds on fresh pasture. You love your job, and we want to help make it easier to provide your customers with high-quality products.

Cackellacs are being used nationwide for a wide variety of purposes. From laying hens to ducks, these multi-purpose shelters are revolutionizing the pastured poultry landscape!

cackellac 1312

The 1312

Holding up to 100 meat birds at once, this large 13×16′ shelter is the best friend of a pastured-based farmer!

cackellac 812

The 812:

The homesteader’s cackellac: holding up to 40 birds at one time, this 8×10′ shelter can also double as a pen for heritage breeding flocks.

cackellac 322

The 322:

The baby of the family! Perfect for backyards and new chicken enthusiasts, it’s light enough to pick up by hand. Holds up to 6 mature birds and measures 60″ length, 42″ width, 27″ high.

Use for:

  • ducks
  • laying hens
  • meat birds
  • heritage breeding flocks
  • guinea hens
  • turkeys
  • sheep
  • goats
  • storage
  • greenhouse
  • season extender
  • and more!

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