1822 Cackellac

1822 Cackellac

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Meet the Big Brother of Cackellacs

A shelter that maximizes your time, efficiency, and scale. One which can streamline poultry production on pasture. Without breaking your back – ’cause we all need those to keep working! And how about one that can house everything from broilers to goats? As Joel Salatin constantly reminds us – everything needs to be multi-purpose.

Who isn’t tired of coyotes (or coy dogs – even worse!) killing lambs? With so much square footage, the 1822 works beautifully for pasturing lambs or goats while keeping them safe. Grazing young pigs? Use the 1822 to keep them on fresh grass and out of the sun.

Perfect for:

  • Large scale pastured layers
  • Large scale pastured broilers
  • Turkeys
  • Pastured lambs/sheep
  • Pastured goats & kids
  • Pasturing young pigs
  • Winter shelter
  • Semi-permanent storage

Meet the 1822

Boasting 504sq ft, this is portable, grass-fed production at its height. Raising high-quality, grass-fed meat has never been easier!

From pasturing chicken to moving lambs, the 1822 is wildly versatile. Fitting a solid 2 1/2 times more birds than the 1312, your production goes up dramatically with this cackellac. Ducks, geese, turkeys or guinea fowl – cackellacs work for all of them and more! The options are endless!

1822 cackellac

Raising high quality, grassfed meat has never been easier

The quality of a cackellac

Just like every other cackellac, the 1822 boasts:

  • a lightweight aluminum frame.
  • 1×1″ galvanized wire mesh around the bottom for safety and ventilation.
  • An 11 mil woven white poly cover, plus a slick strap fastening system to keep it on. The tarp is thick, heavy duty, and provides light shade all day for the animals inside.
  • The sides roll up from both the bottom and from the top, meeting together in the middle.
  • Hooks for hanging waterers and feeders.
  • Four flat-free wheels,making it remarkably easy to move for a pen this size!
  • Wind anchors are the same style as the 1312’s.

Unlike other cackellacs, the 1822 has webbed trusses and removable sections by the man door to create additional access space.


  • 28′ long
  • 18′ 2″ at base, plus a 5″ overhang on each side
  • 8′ 6″ at center
  • 504 sq ft
  • Weighs approximately 900lbs
  • Houses up to:
    • 250 layers
    • 250 meat chickens
    • 100-120 turkeys
  • Built in Ontario, Canada

5 feeders are needed. If housing layers, 2 double and 2 single roll-away nesting boxes fit the bill.

The standard galvanized feeders, all waterers, and both styles of nesting boxes work with the 1822.

End and side closure kits are an option; as are custom-built roost kits.

Versatility is Key

Need an extra, semi-permanent shelter, storage space, or garage area for a portion of the year? The 1822 can fit the bill! This cackellac can take snowload, though it is recommended to keep it clear of snow. In addition, the front section (man door and panels beside it) are removable to create an 8ft opening.

Not sure what exactly you need to get started?

Take a look at the available kits or scroll down to check out all available accessories.

(or, if you’re not sure which cackellac is best for you, check out this blog post on how to pick the right cackellac)

1822 Shelter only


U.S. Customers: Contact for pricing

1822 Layer Kit


  • Includes:
  • 1822 shelter
  • 2 roost supports & 6 bars each
  • 5 feeders
  • 2 double nest boxes
  • 2 single layer nest boxes
  • 2 plasson waterers
  • 2 reservoirs

1822 Broiler Kit


  • Includes:
  • 1822 shelter
  • 5 feeders
  • 2 plasson waterers
  • 2 reservoirs

1822 Accessories

  • Feeder w/ hanging kit: $99.96
  • 2 sets of 3 Roost Support & 6 bars: $816.00
  • HD Roost Support & 6 bars: $460.00
  • Side Closure Kit: $1,160.00
  • End Closure Kit: $1,260.00
  • Plasson Waterer: $124.00
  • Bluebird Waterer: $58.95
  • Reservoir: $48.00
  • Clear Cover: $1,048.00
  • White Cover: $1,048.00
  • Orange Insulated Tarp: $648.00

Note: the 1822 is available by pre-order only. Contact for availability. Send us an email here or give us a call at 519-794-0142.


double deck rollout nest box
1822 cackellac

Double Deck Aluminium Rollout Nest

  • Services up to 90 hens
  • 48″ long
  • Fits the 1822 and works great in barns
  • Easy-to-clean mat
  • Keeps eggs from breaking or being eaten
  • Has swivel perch bars to keep hens out at night
  • The aluminum frame also helps reduce weight of the enter shelter for easy moving
  • Nest Box: $472.00
  • Roost Supports & Bars: $816.00
  • HD Roost Support and Bars: $460.00
  • Clear Cover: $1,048.00
  • White Cover: $1,048.00
single layer roll away nest box

Single Layer Rollout Nest Box

  • Services up to 45 hens
  • 48″ long
  • Fits the 1822, 1312, and 812
  • Easy-to-clean mat
  • Keeps eggs from breaking or being eaten
  • Has swivel perch bars to keep hens out at night
  • The aluminum frame also helps reduce weight of the enter shelter for easy moving
  • Nest Box: $360.00
  • Extra mats: $40.00 ea
chicken feeder


  • Heavy gauge aluminum construction
  • Trough style feeders serve up to 40-50 birds at a time
  • Measures 8 inches by 48 inches by 3 ¼ inch deep.
  • Feeder & Hanging Kit: $99.96
  • Bluebird Waterer Assembly: $58.95
  • Plasson Waterer Assembly: $124.00
  • Reservoir Kit: $48.00
  • Hangs in the 1822 and gravity feeds any waterer assembly.

How to Order

Have questions about the 1312 or interested in ordering?

Call us at 519-794-0142 or send an email here.

Let’s make this the best season yet! Whether you’re raising poultry or a 4 legged animal, we’re here to make your job easier.

We do not offer discounts on purchases under 10 units. All prices are subject to change without notice.

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