How to make your own poultry dewormer

How to make your own poultry dewormer

Now, you may be thinking, “why do my chickens need a dewormer?”

Chickens pick up parasites just like any other animal. While it may not seem like a big deal to have chickens with parasites, I assure you it is. It’s definitely more painful to have a large animal like a goat or cow die from parasites, but parasites can also wipe out entire flocks.

How to make your own poultry dewormer

Parasites are everywhere, and no animal is generally parasite free. They’re not always bad – parasite resistance is a trait selected for; giving animals more resistance to worm loads. It’s when parasites take over – then issues arise.

Prevention is the best form of protection, and that includes:

  • keeping feed & feeders clean
  • keeping waterers clean
  • frequent moves (portable shelters – not stationary coops)
  • culling sickly birds
  • starting with strong genetics

Natural deworming is always very controversial, and this is why I mention prevention first. With herbal dewormers, I prefer using them as prevention instead of waiting for a massive worm load to appear. (I have used them to successfully deal with worms in goats.)

Signs that your flock may have worms

  • foul droppings/diarrhea
  • bloody droppings
  • pale egg yokes
  • weight loss
  • lethargy
  • loss of feathers or lack of shine – not the same as molting
  • diarrhea
  • respiratory distress
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Herbal or Natural Dewormers

One thing to remember is that herbal or natural dewormers don’t always kill the parasites, like conventional dewormers. Some ingredients, like Apple Cider Vinegar, help make the gut an inhospitable place for worms. Diatomaceous Earth is said to cut the soft undersides of parasites and kill them that way. (which is why it works great for external parasites and should not be breathed in.)

Pumpkin often touted as an amazing parasite killer, falls into the preventative category, according to herbalist & homesteader, Amy Fewell. This is also an interesting post listing many other herbs and plants for the prevention of worms.

Interested in essential oils? Check out this blog post about using them as a dewormer – backed up by scientific studies.

Below I’ll link several DIY herbal dewormer recipes. (not in any way affiliated or linked to them. Please do your own research and remember nothing has been reviewed by the gov.)

how to spend less on chicken feed

Available Herbal Dewormers

If you’re not comfortable creating your own, here are a few companies selling herbal dewormers.

Who needs deworming?

For the most part, meat birds will not need deworming. Frequent moves onto clean pasture and short life span generally take care of worm issues.

Layer and breeding flocks should be monitored for any signs of worm issues. With natural care such as herbal dewormers, it’s best if issues are caught early and dealt with instead of waiting.

How to make your own poultry dewormer

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