ROUNDUP: prepping your flock for winter

The first frost is past and winter knocks at the door. The flock is pretty done on the pasture, yard or garden clean-up, and now it’s time to prep your flock and coop for winter. Here are 5 excellent posts on what to do to get ready for winter. Enjoy!

roundup: prepping your flock for winter

The Art of Doing Stuff

A Canadian blogger who goes through step by step getting your coop and chickens ready for the bitter cold Canada has to offer.

Click here to read.

prepping your flock for winter

Raising Happy Chickens

Who doesn’t love a list? Here are 20 things to do in October to get your flock ready for winter!

Click here to read.

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Dogwoods and Dandelions

Has a post with 9 things to do before winter. All it takes to prep for winter is a little forethought.

Read it here.

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Timber Creek Farm

Tells you of 3 things your chickens actually don’t need in the winter.

Click here to find those out.

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Simple Living Country Gal

With an easy, step-by-step guide to getting ready for winter. Including exactly what to do in your coop.

Read here.

ROUNDUP: prepping your flock for winter

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