Choosing the right Cackellac for your place can be a bit daunting!

Don’t worry – here is how to choose a shelter, get in touch, order, as well as warranty info and payment information.
Canadian Made, Portable Chicken Shelters.
Designed, engineered, and built by Canadians, Cackellacs are highly versatile and can be used with a multitude of animals besides chickens.

Also, check out this blog post on choosing a cackellac.

Start here: choosing your cackellac can be overwhelming – which one is right for you?

If you:

  • A
  • a first time chicken owner
  • want just a few birds
  • have a very small space available
  • B
  • Looking for a portable outdoor brooder
  • want a space for breeding flocks
  • something for broody hens with chicks

Check out the 322 Cackellac. Housing up to 6 layers, it’s perfect for beginners. The 322 also works great for broody hens, young chicks, or breeder flocks. We’ve used it for all those purposes! Click here to learn more about it.

small chicken coop
start here
322 cackellac

Next Step Up

If you:

  • are looking to raise meat birds for a year (but not too many!)
  • want a larger layer flock
  • have room for more birds
  • need more room for your breeder birds
  • want to be more sustainable with your poultry
  • would like to run chickens behind herbivores

Take a look at the 812 Cackellac. Housing up to 40 birds at a time, this cackellac is great for homesteaders, small farms, and heritage poultry breeders. Easy to move, great for small or medium spaces, and functional. This is our go-to for layer and breeding flocks. Click here to learn more about the 812!

812 cackellac
top 5 reasons to raise chickens on pasture
812 cackellac

Now we’re getting big

If you:

  • are a pastured livestock farm
  • need to house up to 100 birds at a time
  • want to up your pastured poultry production
  • have a family who eats A LOT of chicken
  • want something portable you can house sheep or goats in
  • are raising multiple large batches of meat birds each year

The 1312 cackellac is for you! This wheeled, portable, easy-to-move shelter houses up to 100 birds at a time. It’s our go-to for raising meat birds, containing flighty goats & sheep, and for running behind cattle. Plus it’s handy for housing chickens in the winter – we run it into a greenhouse for that.

If you’re tired of hauling heavy, bulky shelters across pastures for your meat birds, check the 1312 out. It makes moving birds so much easier! Plus…it’s better for your back. Click here to learn more.

portable canadian chicken tractors
cackellac 1312 | pick a cackellac
start here - how to choose a portable shelter

Mega Poultry Production – clean & grassfed

If you are a large, pastured poultry producer, here’s the rig for you. The 1822 is the newest addition to the Cackellac line and it’s a monster! Still portable, still just as good, the 1822 houses up to 250 birds at a time. Whether you want to streamline your egg production or seamlessly raise meat birds, this is the cackellac to help you meet your goals. Click here to learn more.

1822 cackellac | how to pick a cackellac
grassfed laying hens | start here
best portable chicken shelters | start here

How to get in touch

Head over to the Contact page and send us an email or give us a call at 519-794-0142.

How to order

In your email or phone call, include the following information:

  • Cackellac model you are inquiring about
  • Which kit or accessories you’d like with your cackellac
  • For a shipping quote, your town and postal code are required
  • For product shipment, your full address is needed

Standard manufacture warranty – any defective parts will be replaced.

Picking up your cackellac:

  • the 322 fits in the back of a pickup – Can be shipped
  • the 812 fits in the bed of a full-size truck – Can be shipped
  • the 1312 needs a 14-16ft trailer – Can be shipped

Check out the blog for information on raising chickens.

Payment Information

Payment options include e-transfer, Paypal (fees apply), and cheque. Please ask if you have a different option in mind.

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