Why you should buy a portable chicken tractor

why you should buy a portable chicken tractor

A portable chicken tractor is a great way to keep your chickens happy and healthy. It allows them to forage for food, while keeping them safe from predators and away from your garden. Plus, it’s much easier to manage than a traditional coop!

why you should buy a portable chicken tractor

Less work.

When you own a coop, you have to clean it. You have to clean the run. You have to clean the chicken yard and let them out for exercise on a daily basis. When you’re done with all that, there’s more: cleaning up after them when they do their business in your grass or garden beds (and believe me if you’ve never cleaned up chicken poo before, let me tell you it ain’t fun).

If I had known about portable chicken tractors back when I first got chickens all those years ago, I would’ve been much happier with my life as a young farmer because everything would’ve been simpler: no need for me or anyone else who lives on my property to deal with any of this stuff ever again if they don’t want too!

The chickens will eat bugs and weeds that you don’t want in your yard.

Another great benefit is that chickens will eat the bugs and weeds that you don’t want in your yard. This can be especially helpful if you have a garden or live in an area with a lot of mosquitoes. Chickens are very fond of meat and bugs, so having them in your garden will help reduce the number of pests there as well. If you have been trying to control the amount of bugs in your yard without much luck, allowing chickens to roam around on a regular basis might be just what you need!

You can move the chicken coop around and let the chickens forage for fresh grass, weeds and bugs.

If you want your chickens to be healthy and happy, then it’s important that they have fresh grass, weeds and bugs to eat. Chickens love to forage for food. They will eat grass, weeds and bugs if given the chance. This is why it’s good to move your chicken coop so that they can eat fresh grass in different areas of your yard.

Plus, it cuts grain costs when your flock can fill up on bugs, weeds, and grass. You’ll be surprised! Side note: remember that a laying hen in her prime only needs a 1/3lb of grain a day. Less if you’re soaking it. But that’s a topic for another time.

812 portable chicken shelter

The chickens will love it.

Chickens are happier when they can roam. They’re healthier and happier, and you will be too.

Chickens that are confined in a coop all the time don’t get to forage for their food or get much exercise, which leads to all kinds of problems—it slows down growth, makes them more susceptible to disease, and generally makes them miserable (and you miserable). But when chickens have access to scratch grains while they’re in the tractor (or even just on grass), they’ll be able to peck around at bugs and other tasty things in search of additional nutrition. This helps keep them healthy by providing them with essential vitamins and minerals as well as giving their bodies a chance for exercise so that it functions properly. In addition, once your chickens have been outside long enough on regular basis then those same benefits apply: increased growth rates; improved immune function; reduced susceptibility to disease; better egg production (because less time spent indoors requires more energy expenditure); happier chickens!

A portable chicken tractor is easier to manage than a traditional coop, but still allows your chickens to forage for fresh food.

You can easily get your chickens to forage for fresh bugs and grass that you don’t want in your yard. Not only does this help them eat healthier, but it also helps keep their coop cleaner.

As the owner of a portable chicken tractor, you will be able to move your chickens around so that they have access to different areas on a daily basis. This is great because it allows them to enjoy a wide variety of plants and insects while allowing you more control over what grows in your yard or garden!


So, do you need a portable chicken tractor? The answer is that it depends on your needs and the size of your flock. If you have a very large number of chickens, then it may be worth considering. But if there are just a few hens in your backyard, then the traditional coop might be all that’s needed. Either way, you’ll find great benefits from letting them forage for food and even some entertainment from watching them play outside!

Why you should buy a portable chicken tractor

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